Company legal servicing

UAB „Juriscon“ offers a constant legal servicing for companies. Having signed the contract of a constant legal assistance, various and versatile legal aid is provided on the issues of any possible company activity and management. Our skilled lawyers are bound to investigate the spesification of your company always ready to deal with legal arguments, sort out documents, let you know about the latest changes of legal acts and instruments, levy the debts and apply the most appropriatelegal approaches preventing from the bad debts. Virtually, it would definitely cost you considerably less in comparison with the employment of a company lawyer under the work contract. In addition to that, you will avoid extra taxes and you will not need to take care of a job position, holidays and sick leaves, etc.

The nature and character as well as the costs of legal services we discuss and distinguish  with every company individually.

Having signed the contract of the legal servicing, we apply a 40% discount on all the legal services.

Let’s save time and money! We guarantee you a result-oriented and successful company activity!