Schengen visas

JSC “Juriscon” handles the documents that are necessary to get Schengen visas. We can mount an invitation for a foreigner who is not a citizen of European Union member state. On the basis of this invitation you will be issued a Schengen visa. The foreigner who has a valid Schengen visa has the right to come to the Republic of Lithuania and stay here during the period of time specified in it. Schengen visas can be disposable, double entry or multiple entry. A group visa may be issued to a group of foreigners. With a multiple entry visa you can stay in Schengen area up to 90 days per half a year. With a multiple entry visa you have an opportunity to travel to any Schengen country without visiting Lithuania.

For an issuance of Schengen visa a foreigner has to submit the following documents:

1.      Valid travel document the validity of which is at least 3 months longer than the requested visa. There should be at least two empty pages and it should be issued within the last ten years;

2.      One colour photograph of 35 x 45 mm size which corresponds to the age of a person;

3.      Document approving the valid health insurance;

4.      Documents approving the right to return to the country from which he came or the country which citizen or resident he is.